Focus and Transition

When walking, walk. When eating, eat.

Old Zen proverb

This year was once again the fastest year so far. Time went by… so fast, that I didn’t even notice it was speeding. I know, it’s a cliché. But sadly, as we get older, it’s a damned real one. Almost all pictures in this post were taken more than one year ago. Actually, I can’t really believe that…

Another cliché is our strong desire to always plan something big for the coming year on New Year’s Day – and then usually fail. Although this is often the sad reality, this does not mean that it would be wrong to keep trying to rethink and start over. If necessary, every year!

And indeed, I have set myself the goal of making significant photographic progress in 2020. Above all, I don’t want to carry on as unfocused as I have been up to now – doing everything a little bit, but nothing really right. I am well aware that focus is the central point to get ahead with something. Therefore, my most important intention for 2020 is to focus more.

So, besides my already mentioned “practicing project“, I decided to start two long-term projects which have been spinning around my head for years.

First of all, I will finally dedicate myself to a topic of what I would consider to be my life’s work: transition. Hardly any other topic occupies me in the background of my thoughts as frequently as the topic of transition. Every generation thinks that the change in society and the world is happening faster and faster. Contrary to a cliché, this is actually real and true – in several ways.

First of all, simply because this reality is our own reality. We don’t know any other and we can’t feel how much change has affected people in the past. We can read about it or hear stories – but we only feel and experience the transition in the now. And this one often seems to run very fast…

Secondly, the world is actually moving faster and faster in some ways. Every industrial revolution so far has been faster and shorter than the one before. We are constantly adding more and more new knowledge and technologies to the world we live in – which of course accelerates the pace of change. Meanwhile, the world is already changing dramatically in far less time than a human life. Some people feel uneasy or even afraid of it, others are almost greedy for change and progress. I sometimes feel both, but above all I am fascinated by this process of transition. And I really want to capture it in pictures.

I still have no clear idea where this step will lead me. But if I don’t take it, I’ll never know… …so I’m finally ready to go. And to focus on this…

By the way, the second major project is still kind of a secret… Maybe I’ll write something about it when I actually start to implement it.

Whatever happens, I wish you all a Happy New Year!

And never forget: There is always light somewhere – go out and shoot!


  • Einfach sehr schöne Bilder und ich gebe dir Recht: Die Zeit verrennt im Fluge. Es ist unglaublich wie schnell mittlerweile so ein Jahr vorbei ist. Määähh..

    Stay focused und manchmal auch außerhalb des Fokus – ist auch schön.

    Liebe Grüße

    • Hi Marco,

      das Ziel ist ja manchmal, fokussiert zu sein und dabei trotzdem unfokussierte Bilder zu machen… 🙂


  • Hey Peter, interesting thoughts and photos. I am looking forward to see how you progress with your transition project.


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